Documentary and Political Photojournalist Based in Washington DC
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Graffiti Pete Marovich

The End of Graffiti Heaven

At the end of summer in 2007, I made a whirlwind trip to New York City with my wife, Jenny, and another colleague from the newspaper where we worked. We had heard that Coney Island, the iconic summer spot for so many New Yorkers, was being endangered by developers seeking to make big profits on the valuable oceanside

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Sea of Transparencies

In another life, I made most of my income chasing a King, a Tiger, a Shark and a Bear, trying to make better photos than all of the other photographers following them on the professional golf tours. From 1986 until 1999 I worked as a contract photographer for most of the major golf publications in the United States

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Yvonne Wilson rides the ferry to Daufuskie Island. Pete Marovich

Shadows of the Gullah Geechee – Fall Update

As a photographer, I am always a little fearful that things may not go as planned when I head out to work. This is especially true when my work takes me out of town. There are airfare, car rental and hotel room expenditures that I hope won’t be wasted. I have been lucky on my trips to the

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Pete Marovich

Shadows of the Gullah Geechee – August Update

Harvesting Sweetgrass The Gullah who live in the communities along U.S. Route 17, north of Charleston, SC, gathered materials for their iconic sweetgrass baskets from nearby fields for years, but their access to those fields has been significantly limited since development moved in. Today members of the community travel as far as 90 miles to gather their supplies.

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Bradley Manning Court Martial

US Army Private Bradley Manning, charged with leaking classified documents to the WikiLeaks website, arrives at the courtroom for the fourth day of his court-martial at Fort Meade, Maryland, USA, June 10, 2013. I was sent by European Pressphoto to cover the arrival of Army PFC Bradley Manning for day four of his court martial being held at

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Supreme Court Hears DOMA Case Pete Marovich

Featured on The Image Deconstructed

I am being featured this week on The Image Deconstructed, a weekly blog that examines an image or theme and attempts to deconstruct the mental approach behind it. It’s primary goal is to provide a collective insight to the psychology of photojournalism and serves as a resource for a purposeful approach to photography. Very honored for the image

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Sol Legare Gullah Pete Marovich

Shadows of the Gullah Geechee – April Update

Return To Charleston, S.C. I recently returned to the Charleston, S.C., area to finish work in the Sol Legare community and get images of people collecting sweetgrass for the world-famous sweetgrass baskets that the Gullah Geechee have been making for generations. Although I had also hoped to connect with an oysterman from Sol Legare, the tide cycles and

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