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Image Licensing

(For prints or personal use scroll down)

Licensing & Rights Granted

A photograph is considered intellectual property. The photographer owns the copyright to the images he or she creates and has the exclusive right to license their use. Our licensing agreements will be specific with regard to use and, in general, will answer these three basic questions:

  • Who will use the images?
  • How and where will the images appear?
  • How long will the images be used?


Under the Copyright Act of 1976 and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, photographs automatically receive copyright protection immediately upon their creation. Absence of a copyright notice does not relieve a prospective user from the responsibility of obtaining permission from the copyright holder. In addition, altering or removing a copyright notice can result in liability under the Copyright Act and several other state and federal statutes.


The right to use images cannot be transferred by anyone without the written consent of the copyright holder. If you’ve received photographs without written permission for use, it is your responsibility to secure licensing rights before using them. As a rule of thumb, a good way to avoid any misunderstandings is to contact the photographer before passing along photographs. You should also advise the party receiving the images to contact the photographer directly to secure a license granting permission for their use. Any copying, distribution, public display or creation of derivative works of images without specific permission from the photographer is a violation of Federal copyright law.

Simply having physical possession of photographs, slides, prints, transparencies or digital files does not grant the right to use them.

license is a legal agreement granting permission to exercise specified rights to a work.

copyright is a collection of exclusive rights initially owned by the creator of an original work (an image, text, song, design, etc.)

Rights Managed Licensing

Images on this site and in my archives are available to be licensed for usage by registered buyers. Images can be licensed  as a rights managed use or for personal use. Most images are also available as prints. I do not provide my images to anyone for free or for photo credit. Please do not ask.

If you are a new client, please REGISTER AND CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT to access ordering screens, gallery invitations and lightbox functions. Returning clients may access their account in the CLIENT AREA.

Prints or Personal Usage

Images in my archive may be purchased as prints as well as for personal use. Pricing is available when you add the image to your shopping cart in the archive.

Assignment and Usage Fees

I don’t have set day rates. The assignment or creative fee depends on several factors, primarily usage.  Other factors are time, complexity of the shoot, and travel. Generally, the more extensive media exposure a photograph receives, the higher the fee will be for producing it. This way, clients pay for only the usage they need.

The Creative Fees reflect the experience, creativity and vision that the photographer brings to the assignment, along with the complexity of the project. Issues such as the total number of finished images needed, scheduling, site logistics or the need for specialized skills or equipment can affect the overall creative fee.

In addition to the actual time spent behind the camera, there will be fees that cover a photographer’s pre-production and post-production time. Depending on the complexity of the project, these may be included in the photography fee or listed as separate production fees. Pre-production tasks commonly include client meetings, site visits, set building, obtaining props, acquiring wardrobe, etc. Post-production tasks commonly include returning a work area to its original condition, prop returns, image editing and selection, digital enhancement, client meetings and preparing images for final delivery. Travel and weather delays can be factors, too.

The Usage Fees reflect the value of the usage of each image in the assignment. This value is determined by a number of parameters, including how widely and for how long the images will be viewed, reproduced and distributed. Typically, the more extensive the rights, the higher the fee.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can’t remember my password, how do I obtain a new one?

You can reset your password here.

2. How do I access previously received Lightboxes, Gallery Invitations and image purchase and download history?

Go to the CLIENT AREA and log in using your user id.

3. How do I create and share a lightbox of images?

Add any image to a lightbox by clicking the ‘Add to Lightbox’ icon above the image.
You can share any lightbox by clicking the ‘Share’ icon, within the Lightbox.

4. How do I purchase an image?

To purchase an image license, follow these steps:

  1. Select an image
  2. Click ‘Add to Cart’ icon above the image
  3. Complete the licensing information
  4. Pay online using a credit card OR a PayPal account
  5. Upon receipt of payment you will be automatically emailed a link to download the image(s) you have licensed.

5. My organization is unable to pay upfront via credit card or PayPal. Is there another way that we can pay for an image license?

Select clients are allowed to pay by check provided that a purchase order is received by email and the invoice is paid within 30 days of receipt. Please be aware that an image license only becomes effective upon receipt of full payment.

6. I have found an image, but it isn’t priced. How can I purchase a license to use this image?

If an image in the archive is not priced, it is probably just an oversight on our part. Please email us and reference the image and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

7. I have a question which hasn’t been answered here, who can I contact for assistance?

Please contact us.