Documentary and Political Photojournalist Based in Washington DC
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“Pete Marovich’s images are successful on many levels. First off, they are visually compelling. Marovich has the eye of a cinematographer and can take an ordinary situation and make something extraordinary out of it. Secondly, Marovich connects with his subjects and through his photography allows others to be transported into their world. Thirdly, Marovich respects the people he photographs. I highly recommend Pete Marovich for any photo-related endeavor.”Scott Strazzante , Photojournalist , Chicago Tribune

“Pete’s one of those lucky people who does for a living what he would be doing with his free time anyway. He’s always taking pictures, sometimes you notice he’s doing it, but usually you don’t. Once when I was writing for the paper where Pete works, we went out to cover a brush fire that was burning along the interstate. It’s was pretty common for the summertime and I didn’t see even see a story in it. But Pete came back with a picture of a praying mantis, clinging to a guard rail and suffocating in wafts of smoke. Now my editors wanted a story, you know, so they could have something to run with the photo. The bastard.” Dave Reynolds , reporter , Star-News

“I very much enjoy working the Pete. He is knowledgeable, professional and always a gentleman.” Jody Grober , ‘super model” , Roberts Dist., LP

“Pete is a talented photographer with a great vision” —Russell Kirk, Owner, Golflinks Photography

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