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Fuji X-T1 – This Camera ROCKS!

I am not sure what I can really say here except that I like it. I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT.

I recently bought the new Fuji X-T1 from Roberts Camera (ask for Ed!) just in time to take it on a week-long shoot to work on my project about the Gullah Geechee Culture of the Sea Islands.

I have owned a Fuji x100 and still own a Fuji x100s. I wanted the x100s as a walking around camera. Something low profile and unobtrusive. It is an excellent camera for this but it has its limitations. It is just not quite as responsive enough sometimes and even after the upgrades it has its quirks.

I am not going to get into pixel peeking or discuss every little thing about the X-T1 here. In my day to day work I have been using two Nikon D700s. As far as I can tell, the X-T1 files are as good and probably better. The D700 is a 12.1-megapixel camera and the X-T1 is 16.3-megapixels.

Everyone is talking about the EVF (electronic viewfinder) and there is good reason. You really have to see it to believe how good it is!

When I heard about the X-T1 I was interested in it first for its low profile and the ability to change lenses. I was not sold on the EVF as the only viewfinder option, but I have to tell you this thing is amazing. There really is no noticeable lag time. The camera is super responsive, lightweight and the images are exceptional.

The camera is quick and quiet. It is quiet enough that it is not very noticeable when shooting in continuous low or high mode.

The only gripe I have so far is the placement of the focus assist button which falls under my right thumb as I hold the camera. It is easy to trigger the focus assist which causes the EVF to zoom in. Easy enough to press again and put you back in to normal view, but still a pain. I have found that a small square of gaffers tape over the button makes it less easy to trip accidentally, but you can still activate it with a firm press of the thumb.

I have not used the small included flash unit mainly because I almost never use flash. With 1.4 lenses who needs it! But I will eventually have to play with it just to see how it works.

Her are some sample images from the shoot. Although the project is to be presented in B&W, I have included some color images. There are basic toning adjustments, but nothing major that changes the look of the image from the camera. Everything was shot as a RAW file, converted with Adobe’s DNG converter and processed in Lightroom. (Adobe had not yet updated Lightroom to handle the X-T1 Raw files).

The new FujiFilm X-T1 with 23mm (135 equivalent: 35mm) 1.4 lens.
Fuji X-T1 with 23mm 1.4
Fuji X-T1 with 23mm 1.4
Shadows of the Gullah Geechee Pete Marovich
Shadows of the Gullah Geechee Pete Marovich

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