2013 Year in Review

As the end of 2013 approaches, it is time for the obligatory “Year in Pictures” posts on news sites and photographer’s blogs. And of course we all want to participate.

In addition to the obvious self-promotion that comes with posting what you think is your year’s best work, I think it is also a good exercise in reassessing and evaluating the successes and failures in the past year’s images.

Of course we don’t publish the failures (although such a post may be even more interesting and entertaining to the viewer).

So here are some favorites from 2013. As a self-critque of my images, I think it was an above average year. Always room to improve!

To all of the wonderfully talented photographers and editors that I work with as well as all my friends and family, I wish everyone a spectacular Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

May 2014 bring everyone happiness as well as new challenges and adventures.

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