Saturday after the viewing of the World Cup Soccer matches on Dupont Circle (See post in On Assignment), I stayed in the city for the annual parade that is held during the Capitol Pride Festival. This was interesting and a lot of fun. Thousands of spectators lined the parade route that marched up P street and around Dupont Circle.

There was a huge “variety” of floats and bands and to my surprise, politicians. The first 20 minutes of the parade was politicians passing out literature to get the LGBT vote in the city. I think politicians should be banned from parades but from the organizer standpoint it is probably hard to do without the $500.00 per entry for elected officials and candidates. I can guarantee that nobody in the crowd came out to see them. I did shoot Mayor Fenty at the beginning, but that was my extent of my interest in them.

The crowds were appreciative of the parade participants and everyone seemed to have a great time. Here are some of the photos from the event.

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